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Leadership Development Events (LDE)

Parli Pro Novice/Advanced

During the Parliamentary Procedure LDE, teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate their knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the correct use of parliamentary procedures.

Creed Speaking

The Creed Speaking LDE is for FFA members in grades seventh, eighth, and ninth. They must present the FFA Creed from memory and answer questions about its meaning and purpose. The event boosts self-confidence and develops their ability to communicate in a powerful, professional manner.


The purpose of the Impromptu Public Speaking Career Development Event is to foster and develop the speaking abilities of FFA members as well as develop their self-confidence and contribute to their advancement in interpersonal skill attainment and leadership development.  The intention of the Impromptu Contest is to offer a more realistic, practical speaking contest to better prepare our students for public statements, media coverage, and general questions about the FFA and Agriculture Industry. Students will develop valuable speaking skills necessary to be professional, competent public representatives of the FFA Organization and Agriculture Industry.

Extemporaneous Public Speaking

In the Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE, participants are given 30 minutes to deliver a speech on one of three assigned agricultural topics. Students must learn to think on their feet and develop an argument quickly and persuasively.

Prepared Public Speaking

During the Prepared Public Speaking LDE, students write and deliver a six- to eight-minute speech about a current agriculture-related topic. The speaking skills gained through this event help students excel in school, community and career.

Employment Skills/Job Interview

Participants in the Employment Skills (formerly Job Interview) LDE submit a resume, complete job applications and participate in mock job interviews with a panel of possible employers.



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